I am delighted to welcome you to my new website.  I have been in the Beauty and Skincare Industry for over 25 years and have managed a busy city centre Salon for most of that time. More recently however I have decided to scale back and open a private clinic in a bid to concentrate on my two passions – Skincare and Semi Permanent Make up. I’m also super excited about launching my new online shop which will stock Environ Skincare which is a cosmeceutical range that bridges the gap between beauty and science.  Developed by Dr Des Fernandes who is a world renowned aesthetic surgeon, the powerful formulations contain highly active vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and penetrant enhancers to heal and harmonize the skin, restoring is health and vitality.  

   I have tried and tested Environ products in my Salon for over 19 years and have seen first hand how it can transform skin whilst restoring a more youthful appearance. The products are packed with the freshest most active forms of Vitamin A, C and Antioxidant ingredients that are vital when choosing your anti aging skincare routine. The testimonials and results really do speak for themselves.
    I believe healthy skin starts from within, the Advanced Nutrition Programme is a cutting edge range of supplements that supports healthy skincare regimes.  These specially formulated vitamin supplements combine premium ingredients to maintain skin health and target skin concerns.  The quality of the nutrients in these supplements are at levels which can really make a difference to your skin and overall wellbeing. 

   Also in my shop is the amazing Jane Iredale skincare makeup.  The clean formulas in this range combine skincare science and potent natural extracts to bring complexion benefits with the added power of long-wear performance.  Jane Iredale make-up is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or preservatives and is certified as cruelty-free.  The make-up can be applied immediately after any facial treatment.

   My other passion is Semi-Permanent Make-up, particularly eyebrows.  The correct shape, definition and colour of brows can completely transform your appearance and I love the reaction that I get from my clients when they first see their ‘new look’.  It is such a positive and rewarding experience particularly for those suffering from alopecia, over plucked or ageing brows, or following chemotherapy treatment. It gives people their confidence back and for me to be part of that is incredibly fulfilling. 

I’m excited to welcome you all to our plush surroundings where you will delight in the highest level of treatments and service. 

Gail xx